MUSICAL CULTURE (Musikalische Kultur) - Joint Bachelor of Arts: 6 Semesters

Joint degree with Technische Universität Darmstadt enrollment: Department 2 - History and Social Sciences

PART 1 - Akademie für Tonkunst and Technische Universität

  • Music (Composition and Instrumental / Vocal Majors)

    PART 2 - Technische Universität.


  • Philosophy
  • German Studies
  • Digital Philology
  • Computer Science
  • Sience of History
  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Sports Science
  • Business Administration and Economics

    Entrance Examination:
    Only once a year for Winter Semester.

    Application Deadlines:
    Majors at Akademie für Tonkunst: May 1st
    Majors at Technische Universität: July 15

    Entrance Examination for Majors at Akademie für Tonkunst: in June

    For further information about admission requirements at Technische Universität, please visit the University’s website here.

  • The Music Culture Bachelor of Arts is a valid University degree.
    The goal of this unique program is a multi-dimensional qualification combining artistry and philosophy in the tradition of the antique “Seven Liberal Arts”.

    This new Synergy of a practical classical music education (Part 1) with a liberal Arts program (Part 2) is conceived to meet the various challenges in a constantly changing cultural career market. The Technische Universtität and the Akademie für Tonkunst in Darmstadt have created a cooperative degree to integrate academic and artistic disciplines.

    Information to Part 1: Music:
    Part 1 leads to a high quality artistic qualification through the communication and development of creative, technical and academic/theoretical ability. The exploration of repertoire from the traditional European classic to the modern includes Jazz and Pop music. Special attention is given to modern music due to Darmstadt’s historic role as the German center for contemporary music.

    The concentration for instrumentalists and singers lies in the respective major. Composition students define their personal artistic profile, style and practical compositional music theory abilities.